Singing Bowl Meditation


Singing bowls have been a fixture of Western music and society for centuries. In ancient times, they were used as musical instruments, and today they are still used by some, primarily as decorative items. These beautiful bowls have been used as the basis for many early music pieces and have developed a reputation for being one of the best possible singing bowls to use.

One particular type of bowl is known as the meditation singing bowl. This bowl is similar to many of the types of singing bowls used elsewhere, with a few significant differences. Whereas the western models usually have their sound holes positioned along the top rim of the bowl, the bowls have no sound holes, but instead are covered in leather which enable the sound to permeate the whole surface, rather than being muffled by a hole in the side. These bowls are typically large, as well, measuring up to two feet in diameter (the largest ones are even more substantial).

Meditation singing bowls are often used by monks who practice the Buddhist art of yoga. Yoga, which involves physical and mental discipline, involves both breathing techniques and visualization. One of these techniques involves listening to a song of the Buddha in the right state of mind, which calms the mind. Then, through visualisation, the mind is created a place where all its desires, including the desire to listen to the Buddha's voice, are satisfied. This allows the mind to concentrate on the true nature of reality, which is Buddha consciousness. The purpose of this is to eventually create a state where nothing is imagined, nothing is thought, and everything is seen clearly. Read more on this link.

If you would like to try out a singing bowl meditation yourself, it is very easy to do. To start, close your eyes and imagine a smooth, shiny surface - perhaps one that reflects the color of the wall or floor. Imagine waves gently crashing onto this surface. Relax your whole body and begin to relax by breathing deeply, filling your lungs with air and allowing all sounds, sights, feelings and tastes to seep into your consciousness.

However, before you go about singing bowls meditation, it is important to understand the nature of brain waves and how they can affect your meditations. Your brain waves are determined by the amount of sleep you have had, which in turn depends on the amount of brain activity that has been running through your subconscious while you were sleeping. The brain waves emitted by those who are meditating properly are generally known as Beta, Alpha and Theta brain waves, which run from left to right and are usually associated with different activities such as daydreaming and deep sleep.

By using singing bowls and other sound bowls in your meditation, you are able to put the brainwave frequencies into effect. You will be able to bring your awareness into a higher state of awareness, which in turn will bring about a much deeper meditative state for yourself. This is the main premise behind all New Age practices like binaural and other brainwave entrainment technologies that promote better overall brain health. By listening to the sounds produced by these new age instruments, you can bring your mind and body into a highly peaceful, relaxed state where the inner workings of your mind and body can be calmed and brought to the surface. Learn more at silver sky imports.

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